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Get a custom app for Shopify

Shopify Custom Apps

Shopify welcomes customization. Tell us what sort of app you need, and we can build it for you. We can tell you what can be done, how many resources you need for that and help you maintain it.

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Build original features

Shopify gives merchants a lot of freedom when it comes to building custom solutions. We have years of experience creating and scaling Shopify stores, and we know what it takes to build a custom app. Let’s start a new project.

Scope of services


User-friendly app design

Our UX team will create a responsive app with a great user experience on all devices. We make your customer our top priority when designing the shopping experience.


Secure app development

We will make an app for you based on the UX and UI design. Then, the app will go through Shopify's review process. Finally, we launch your app in your online store.


Shopify app maintenance

Apart from building the app, we can help you with app maintenance. We will keep the app updated, so you don’t face any difficulties with it. We can also optimize its performance and usability.

Contact us

Fill out a contact form and we will discuss with you your app requirements. Our Shopify developers will build, test and optimize the app for you. You’ll be notified of the roadmap. We can also provide you with a maintenance contract and take care of the app.

Case study Just Beck

Just Beck

Just Beck is its clients' favourite fashion brand that switched from its outdated e-commerce solution to Shopify. It seems to be comfortable with its new system and clients love that.