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Launch a Shopify store

Shopify Development

We build Shopify themes and custom features. Thanks to our experience, we accurately estimate how much time it would take to develop and what are constraints that Shopify has.

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Build a store that you want

Let’s create a store that helps you accomplish business goals. Together we can work on your requirements for a Shopify store and our team will handle ecommerce store development for you.

Scope of services


Customize a Shopify store

Our Shopify developers can customize a ready-made Shopify theme for you, or connect your custom-made theme to Shopify. We can also help you build bespoke Shopify features, so you can get sales.


Integrate with third-party apps

Are you looking for ways of integrating ERP, PIM, CRM, WMS, bookkeeping app, courier system, payment gateway? We will use API to help you integrate most applications and get them to work.


Get development support

We can offer you continuous Shopify support. You can focus on growing your business and we will optimize your site, build custom features for you, keep an eye on your store’s performance.

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Ask us about Shopify development in the form below and we will get you an offer. We’re flexible in terms of how we work, and we can use the same tools for communication as you do. Everything to make you comfortable.



The very first Shopify B2B store in Poland? Here it is. Protektor trusted us to design a unique Shopify theme and integrate Shopify with an ERP system. We also work on their B2C store.