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Find out what stops customers from converting

Usability Audits

Ecommerce stores change all the time. We can audit the usability of your store to discover weak points of your design and any touchpoints that can be improved. We give you a list of our recommendations.

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Improve website experience for customers

We will show you the world through your customers’ eyes. We have a structured process of testing your ecommerce website. After planning usability tests, we invite your customers to do tasks on the website, so we can discover problem areas.

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Let’s look at your website

First, we will inspect your website, look into your Google Analytics account, discover who your customers are. Such an insight will lead us to choose the most helpful objective for a usability test.


Learn why you can’t get customers

Once we learn more about you and your customers, we will recruit the best users and invite them to perform a task. We have experience in facilitating tests like that and gathering results.


Get an actionable usability report

As a result of our work, we will give you a detailed report of your site’s usability. The document will be filled with actionable steps you can implement right away and improve your Shopify site.

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We have a team of experienced UX specialists who have performed usability tests for many ecommerce businesses. We will assign your case to them and stay in touch with you, letting you know about the progress.

case study osnova


Osnova is a young Polish fashion brand that promotes a capsule wardrobe approach to fashion. We helped them launch their shop on Shopify.