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Discover what your users truly want

User Testing

Let’s invite real users of your store and observe their experience while trying to complete a task. Identify possible roadblocks to your business growth. We have years of experience in user testing.

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Protect yourself against losing resources

Hear out your users' needs. The UX specialists that are on our team know how to design and perform user testing in a way that brings you the most benefits, such as conversions or repeat purchases.

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Put your idea to test

Our UX researchers will design the test for you, recruit the perfect users to participate in it and lead the test. The insights will help you assess your solution to the problem you want to solve.


Let your users speak

We will test real people who fit your customer profile. The findings will give you more than expected. You will learn about more than just your ideas. You will also uncover users' needs, fears, and goals.


Prevent yourself from failure

Lack of testing may result in wasting time and money on a thing that does not resonate with your target audience. Secure your resources against poor business ideas. Discover your next step.

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Our experience helps us adequately assess the scope and resources for user testing your Shopify store. It’s not the first time we do a project like this. We have a detailed action plan of what to do to deliver the results.

case study gya labs

Gya Labs

Gya Labs is an essential oil brand. Not only did we help them launch on Shopify, but we still work with them, supporting them anytime they need help with Shopify development.