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A secret to fast and secure Shopify migration from other e-commerce solutions

You may anticipate shop migration to be a struggle. There is a mountain of data that you need to transfer, from information to product catalog, but more importantly, how to do it without losing traffic or messing up orders? It is stressful. Yet, some of that stress might be…

Maria Siewierska

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Design & Experience

Why people prefer to buy in some stores and avoid the others? Here, we discuss ecommerce design and UX.
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Global Shopify

Open and scale a global ecommerce business on Shopify with this set of tips that our experts compiled for you.
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How-to Guides

Step-by-step instructions that will help you solve Shopify problems and grow your ecommerce store.
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News and Trends

Get the latest news about Shopify platform and follow trends that shape the ecommerce industry.
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Overcome Challenge

Low conversion, high cart abandonment rate, or any other challenge with Shopify? Let’s solve it.
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Shopify Comparisons

Read how Shopify compares to other ecommerce solutions and choose the best Shopify subscription plan.
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Shopify Development

Everything about building bespoke features, integrations, customizing Shopify and app development.
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News and Trends

How do you score against top e-commerce trends for 2021?

As the stats tell us, 2020 accelerated e-commerce growth, and the future looks more than promising. Forced to stay home and/or…

An image of road signs
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Shopify Comparisons shopify plus shopify vs Magento

7 key differences between Shopify Plus and Magento

Shopify is one of the fastest growing hosted solutions out there. It has an enterprise version: Shopify Plus, which can easily compare with Magento on many grounds. Let’s discuss the…

An image of a walking man
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Shopify Development shopify features shopify integrations

Intro to Shopify API: What do you need to know about integrating Shopify with other apps?

As a Shopify merchant, you are probably considering which apps you should connect with Shopify to streamline your business operations and maximize sales. Some apps, which check one of those…

An image of a girl paying online to illustrate shopify payments poland
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Global Shopify shopify integrations shopify poland

A quick overview of Shopify Payments Poland

The only time Polish people chose Shopify was when they were targeting Western Europe or the US. If they wanted to sell goods in Poland, they opted for a Polish…

an image of a man that delivers packaging, it should represnt shopify poland courier services
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changing platform to Shopify Global Shopify International sales shopify integrations shopify poland

What courier service should I integrate with a Shopify Poland store? DHL, DPD, UPS, TNT, GLS, FedEx, InPost explained

Shopify is getting more popular in Poland (check out our Polish Shopify blog). WeCanFly is an agency that specializes in Shopify design, development and optimization. We stay on…

A person in a fashion pose representing a shopify store for fashion brands
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best Shopify apps to increase sales best Shopify themes Design & Experience is shopify worth it? Shopify Development

Fashion brands on Shopify? See the best themes, apps and features for a fashion store

Whether you’re just launching your first store or moving to Shopify from another e-commerce solution, you are probably wondering how to…

representation of shopify FAQs that is a figurine of a thinking man
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how much is shopify launching shopify store News and Trends Shopify plan comparison

How to make a Shopify store go live and other FAQs that new Shopify owners ask

Our agency works with brands that want to switch to Shopify, integrate with other apps, create a store…

Person doing crafts representing editing Shopify template by yourself
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Design & Experience difference between shopify free and paid themes shopify theme personalization shopify themes customization

How to edit a Shopify theme? Customize a Shopify store in a matter of minutes

When you create a new Shopify store, one of the steps you need to go through is choosing the right store theme. You have a couple of options…

An image of a scale that stands for representing to shopify plans
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how much is shopify Shopify Comparisons shopify features Shopify plan comparison

Shopify Advanced vs. Shopify Plus: Choose the best plan for you

What kind of subscription plans does Shopify have? Shopify is a Canadian ecommerce SaaS app that is becoming more and more popular. It sells five subscription…

price of a shopify service blog post image
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about WeCanFly how much is shopify News and Trends Shopify support

What’s the price of a Shopify service? Time & Materials vs. Fixed Price charging models

You’ve probably noticed that on our website, we described different ways of charging for projects that we do at WeCanFly. Usually we make a suggestion as to which of the…

shopping carts left in the market that represent cart abandonment in a shopify store
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best Shopify apps to increase sales improving Shopify site loading speed Overcome Challenge shopify ux audit

6 tips for solving high cart abandonment rates in Shopify

It seems that cart abandonment is a nightmare for many online stores. Sales Cycle shows that the average cart abandonment rate is between…

an image of lights at night representing best shopify store designs
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Design & Experience is shopify worth it? Shopify store examples shopify themes customization

Best Shopify stores examples to help you determine what you need in your store

Are you a new Shopify merchant, or do you plan migrating to Shopify from another e-commerce solution? We will describe the best of our projects and tell a bit about…