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We tend to divide a process into a couple of stages. The people on our team deliver results at every stage of the design & development process. We carefully administer tasks and carry out the process in a way that brings expected outcomes.

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Craft the work process to your online store’s needs

We adapt the process to you (not the other way around). Our wide experience in the digital field showed us that we don’t need to follow the same formula if it’s redundant. We’re flexible in terms of working style and engagement models.



During the discovery phase, we agree on requirements, analyze the competitive landscape, learn about your users or conduct a UX audit.



It is time to build a solution. The full process involves making a prototype, designing UX and UI, building the solution, and testing it.



At this stage, we work on improvements that help your Shopify store thrive, such as UX testing, Conversion Optimization and Maintenance.

Let's create something great

We have a reasonable rating system that fits every budget. If you're just starting out, we can help you create your digital brand, work out a strategy for you and help you grow. And if you have a strong brand - we can help you grow it to be even stronger. Contact us. We would love to meet you.

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