The Importance of Professional Shopify Web Design

The Importance of Professional Shopify Web Design Services cannot be understated in today’s digital landscape. An effective and engaging online store requires more than just aesthetics; it requires a data-driven approach to Shopify design that leads to an easy-to-navigate, user-centric experience. It’s not only about creating an attractive storefront but also ensuring functionality, usability, and performance.

A well-crafted Shopify design improves your business performance by driving more traffic, increasing engagement rates, and ultimately, boosting sales. With our professional Shopify design services at WeCanFly, we use our understanding of SEO and UX best practices to design a platform that both Google and your customers will love.

Boosting conversion rates with creative design

A web design can make or break a conversion rate. Your customer journey with your brand often begins with your website – so make sure that this first touchpoint is at the highest level. Professional Shopify website designers know the secret to getting your potential clients to the desired action.

Here’s a perfect example of how changing a site’s design can impact essential metrics. The conversion rate in the vetsak, store from the luxury furniture segment was more than doubled after implementing changes and migrating to Shopify Plus with WeCanFly. 

vetsak website - mobile & desktop
vetsak website

source: vetsak case study

Influencing brand perception through Shopify design

The professional nature of your brand identity can be seen in every detail of your website design. A smooth Shopify store experience inspires potential customers’ trust and loyalty. It influences how people perceive your brand and have a positive impact on the overall customer experience.

Shopify design affects page performance

Slow loading page which the algorithms ignore? With custom Shopify design page performance is no longer an issue. Designing an efficient Shopify website with precision requires expert attention and careful planning.

What to Look for in a Shopify Design Agency

Your website may be visually appealing, but its functionality is the key to creating a delightful user experience. Investing in stellar Shopify website design service could mean the difference between average and extraordinary success.

How do you know if the Shopify development company is the right team of professionals to work closely with?

source: Oakywood case study

Prioritizing performance in Shopify website design

You’ll know the good agency by the fact that they put web performance first. It is possible for them to strike a balance between outstanding UI design and excellent User Experience. In WeCanFly, we understand the technology and know how to implement the latest solutions to maximize Shopify store performance.

User-Centered design approach in Shopify store development

User-centered design is one of the most important principles for good experts. They know that as crucial as designing the web are the steps of discovery and research that precede it. A web design agency that you can rely on will understand your audience’s needs from the bottom on.

Making Data-Based decisions in Shopify design services

A reliable agency backs up each of its moves with data. In WeCanFly, we base our work on conclusions from, e.g., Hotjar and Google Analytics. On this basis, we optimize the design. Not the other way around.

Our Shopify Website Design Services

The Shopify web design process is much more complex than it seems to be. You see only a part of what lies beneath the surface. The deeper you go, the more barriers you’ll find – losing your energy (not to mention time).

Our Shopify website designers can be your savior. And actually, in WeCanFly, we will do everything to get your Shopify e-commerce store back on its feet.

How can we help you?

Design tailored to your customers’ needs

Pre-made design themes are good if you want to launch your e-commerce store quickly or on a limited budget. But if you want to have a custom theme design tailored specifically to your visitor – we have you covered. We offer custom headless storefronts and specific UX/UI Shopify theme development that meets the needs of your targeted customers (while delivering the best performance).

Among the e-commerce brands we have worked with is Glov – an innovative polish beauty brand. We helped them tailor the web design to the needs of their customers. With product sections, technologies, and applications, managing the web is much easier – and user experience has been maximized.

Glov project by WeCanFly agency


Shopify theme customization

Even if you still want to use one of the ready-made Shopify themes, our team can help you add your unique branding touch. With some tweaks, you can keep your online store unique and stand out from the crowd.

E-commerce redesign

Every step that directly impacts branding must be taken with great care. As we redesign your Shopify web design, we will recognize the risks and point out what you need to consider. We will come up with the best approach together. 

Our team, for instance, redesigned the website of God Save Queens during its rebranding process. To bring the best results, we had to change the initial viewpoint. Consequently, the whole redesign process ran without a hitch.

God Save Queens - website design services by WeCanFly


website design services - God Save Queens

source: God Save Queens case study

UX e-commerce audit

Are there any interlocks in the user experience? Our team can prepare a comprehensive audit that will highlight the changes you should implement to improve the web design performance.

CRO for e-commerce platform

Conversion Rate Optimization is a weak point of many e-commerce sites. But it certainly won’t be yours. With our help, you can improve the user flow on your site so your customers can go through every step of shopping without any fractions.

Shopify Web Design Process

Being transparent, we help you understand how the design development process is broken down into particular phases.

web design process - WeCanFly agency services

#1 Discovery

This phase has the power to shape the whole project strategy. Instead of jumping right into developing your Shopify web design, we must thoroughly understand your customers first. Taking this approach reduces the risk of going in the wrong direction. The discovery stage will serve as a guide and help us get to where we want to go.

Developing your e-commerce cannot take place without knowing your needs as well. We’re going to uncover your expectations to prepare the best project scope. Think of it as starting with a strong foundation that will support further building plans.

#2 Research

Designers are beginning an in-depth analysis of your web, starting from the ground up, such as page performance. The research phase lets us discover all the bottlenecks along the user journey. We look at user feedback, competition, and industry trends.

The process of identifying necessary changes and improvements is underway. Also, at this stage, in conjunction with the dedicated project manager, we determine the goals and set priorities for them.

With a little bit of forward planning and thought, we can kick-start the project, setting it up for success from the very beginning. 

#3 Low-fi prototypes and/or high-fi interactive prototypes

Low-fi prototypes are the starting point in the web design process and offer a great way to get ideas out on the table. They’re quick and easy to produce, so it’s almost like sketching out the ideas on paper, focusing more on usability than aesthetics.

High-fi interactive prototypes (built upon those sketches) allow designers to really bring things to life with functional interactions. Here’s where the technology comes in. This prototype version is great for testing with users and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Linked together allow designers to create a near-complete version of the website before they move on to development.

#4 Early user testing

Performing user testing at an early stage helps improve and optimize the design before making any costly changes. User testing sessions can take several forms, including paper prototypes or usability tests with a live user. The goal here is to quickly identify any issues – so they can be fixed before actual coding begins.

#5 User Interface

Once the initial wireframes and prototypes are in place, it’s time to create a more comprehensive look for the website. User Interface (UI) design fills this role.

UI designers will use the feedback gathered from user testing and the initial sketches to create a final version of the interface. It includes paying attention to color, typography, and layout, as well as checking that everything is intuitive and easy to use. The web design will be polished to the last detail.

optisofa case study desktop views

#6 Development 

Need somebody to code it? Well, guess what… WeCanFly is here to help. As a Shopify-exclusive agency, we know how to develop custom Shopify websites that fit seamlessly into the platform. You do not need to hire developers – we get the job done. 

Shopify Website Redesign Services – Modernize Your Ecommerce Design

Does your Shopify store look different from what you expected? Is it in need of some tweaks to keep up with current e-commerce trends? If so, you don’t have to build the new platform from scratch. Let’s breathe new life into it by redesigning it.

A Shopify app store redesign doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process – even slight changes can make a big difference in the overall shopping experience of your online store. Let’s explore your options. 

Hire Professional Shopify Web Designers from the WeCanFly agency

With powerful tools and modern insights, our Shopify web designers will help you get your e-commerce design up to speed with the times.

Streamline your Shopify website so customers can find what they need faster. Delight them with new features and make sure their shopping experience is as stress-free as possible.

Additionally, if you want to keep up with the pace of the industry, you can incorporate some technology – custom integrations or solutions tailored to your business. We can help you with that as well.

Bringing Your Design To Life

Here it is! Your long-awaited moment has arrived – once your web design page is ready, make it a reality. We won’t stop here, though. Even after the release, we can still keep a finger on the pulse for a while to be sure the design performs as expected. 

Why choose WeCanFly?

With us, your Shopify site will have all the features that are necessary for success – customized design, user-friendly navigation, scalability, and a fully integrated e-commerce experience.

Our web designers will do their best to get you closer to the desired outcome. We can become your trusted partners – who can you reach at any time. 

There’s only one thing left to do – let’s watch together as your Shopify store grows with us.