Shopify Pricing Calculator – which plan should you choose?

Easily compare the available Shopify plans – decide based on cost and functionality you will need. You can play around with:

  • monthly or annual costs of subscription plans,
  • choose the currency of the calculation,
  • rates charged by third-party payment gateways or Shopify Payments


One thing you need to know about Shopify Plus pricing – once your turnover exceeds $800k the billing changes and you pay 0.25% of your monthly turnover. For example, with a monthly turnover of $1 million, the monthly fee for Shopify Plus is $2,500.

Which plan is the most cost-effective for your business?

Fill in the form below and see at what point it makes sense to change your plan.
Monthly revenue
Average order value
SAVE 25%
Total price
Plan fee
Shopify payment fee
Best option
Basic Shopify
Per month
$24 Plan fee
$27.00 Shopify payment fee
2.1% + 30¢
Per month
$69 Plan fee
$24.00 Shopify payment fee
1.8% + 30¢
Advanced Shopify
Per month
$299 Plan fee
$22.00 Shopify payment fee
1.6% + 30¢
Shopify Plus
Per month
$2500 Plan fee
$17.00 Shopify payment fee
1.3% + 20¢

Features Included

  Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify Shopify Plus
Staff accounts 2 5 15 Unlimited
Numbers of products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shopify Shipping discount up to 64% up to 72% up to 74% Outstanding
Print shipping labels
Discount Codes
Fraud analysis
24/7 support
Website and blog
Free SSL certificate
Abandoned cart recovery
Professional reports
Gift cards
Shopify Flow (automation tool)
Advanced report builder
Third-party calculated shipping rates

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