Are you a fashion-forward entrepreneur on the lookout for some sweet Shopify stores to get fresh ideas from? If so, the best Shopify stores can provide some serious sources of UX inspiration.

What fashion store do today’s shoppers expect? 71% of customers demand blended interactions with personal touches, where unique and personalized experiences take center stage. In reality, there is a lot more to come.

To get started with your clothing store on the right foot or simply find yourself some design ideas and tips (while getting a little shopping done as well!), read on for our list of top Shopify clothing stores worth checking out.

Best practices for improving UX in Shopify e-commerce store

Before diving into the sea of inspiration, take a moment to learn what types of features our Shopify experts recommend to have in your arsenal. Proven and tested – these are all surefire ways to create the most appealing and user-friendly shopping space.

Say yes to pop-ups

💡 Top-performing pop-ups can have a conversion rate as high as 60%. (Sumo)

Many users get shivers from the annoying attention-grabbing window that appears out of nowhere and blinds the entire website. Now, it’s not done that way. Pop-ups can be effective. Give store visitors a 10% discount on their first purchase, or let them sign up for your newsletter to convert them into subscribers. Get them now that you see them searching through your website. Getting the pop-up to appear at the right time and in the right context is key.

303 Avenue website

source: 303 Avenue

The need for speed in theme loading

💡 75% of people in the UK say that the speed it takes to load a page has the most impact on their overall experience. (Google)

Lightning-fast loading time is key to keeping users engaged. Optimize image sizes and implement best practices for theme freshness, caching, and performance. Don’t forget about running tests on different elements of the page. Remember that a slow-loading page doesn’t just hurt user experience – it can also harm your SEO and cost you customers in the long run. Above all else, make sure that your site is optimized for speed.

Target on the horizon

A buyer who is unable to find a product in online stores will probably abandon them and look elsewhere. As much as possible, try to simplify the process. Create a search box in the header, and use relevant filter and sorting capabilities for easier navigation. And why not add AI-based product recommendations to inspire explorer users with ideas?

Seamless across screens

💡 People who have a negative experience on mobile are 62% less likely to make a future purchase. (Google)

Make it easy to create a consistent experience between desktop, tablet, and mobile. Optimizing the checkout page for mobile phones is also essential — consider simplifying the process and reducing the amount of text entry fields by auto-filling information where possible. Give users an interface that’s fast, intuitive, and enjoyable to use on any device. Bonus points if you can build an app-like experience inside the browser.

Multiple payment options

Your customers need to have a choice, especially when it comes to money. Allow customers to pay via credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other payment gateways. Implement fraud protection features to ensure that all transactions are secure.

shopify payments

source: Shopify

Shopify tip: Shopify offers two credit card payment provider options – direct and external. Direct providers allow your customers to complete their purchases on your online store without the need to pay at a third-party checkout.

Guest checkout

💡 Second most commonly cited reason for abandoning the checkout process is having to create an account. (Baymard)

Enabling for completing the purchase without making an account has its pros and cons. On the one hand, customers will appreciate not having to spend any extra time creating a profile before making their purchase (especially helpful for impulsive buyers). Conversely, customers who choose to purchase without an account may not have access to exclusive benefits reserved for logged-in users, such as loyalty rewards. It is essential to weigh these factors and determine which approach is optimal for your Shopify fashion stores from a business standpoint.

7 TOP Shopify stores in fashion with great UX: Examples for inspiration in 2023

Bordelle e-commerce store

source: Bordelle

Online galaxy is full of inspiring real-life Shopify clothing stores examples of successful Shopify stores. Here are the top picks that provide a seamless shopping experience.

🧭 These best Shopify clothing store examples are not only a treat for the eyes but also a beacon for perfecting user experience design. They’ll always show you how to implement Shopify UX concepts in the right way. Learn from the best.

#1 Bordelle: luxury lingerie and bodywear Shopify store with top filtering possibilities

As soon as you visit the Bordelle clothing store, you feel the luxury. The eye is drawn to the presenting models who demonstrate the lingerie in detail. Using videos instead of photos let shoppers experience the look and feel of the clothes.

Our UX expert insights:

  • A clear filter bar, divided thematically into columns based on desired product parameters, makes it easy for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • As you hover over each parameter, it becomes a highly visible option on the expandable panel and is tagged with a visible tag on the category listing subpage.
  • The clear button next to each filter header makes it visible and easy to tick off.
  • The filtering panel disappears by clicking on any free space outside the listing. 
  • The possibility to change the product listing on the models by the toggle button at the top right corner.
filter bar - Bordelle website

#2 Carpatree: best Shopify online fitness apparel store with thorough product descriptions

Carpatree website

source: Carpatree

Carpatree pays attention to details and makes sure all its customers get the right fit for their workout clothes. It’s a great Shopify store that product pages contain detailed descriptions, from the size of each item to its fabric composition and care instructions. 

Our UX expert insights:

  • Filters on the left side allow you to narrow down your search results after expanding
  • Product image magnifier which allows to take a closer look at the details of the products.
  • Colors swatches make it easier to pick the right shade.
carpatree website - filters on the left side

#3 God Save Queens: sensual lingerie women’s fashion online store with size calculator 

God Save Queens website

source: God Save Queens

The main page of God Save Queens is styled with an aesthetic similar to high-fashion lookbooks, offering shoppers a source of inspiration. Supplementing product pages with “Complete the Look” increases the likelihood of customers following through with a purchase of the latest collections.

Our UX expert insights:

  • A separate size guide with a calculator to match the customer with the right product size – the customer receives the result and can go straight to the product listing with the size filtered.
  • The calculator includes handy tips and instructions on “how to measure” that lets the customer know how to find their exact size.
  • Concise explanations, no overwhelming text.
God Save Queens website - bra size calculator

#4 303 Avenue: women’s fashion Shopify store

303 Avenue e-commerce store

source: 303 Avenue

This online store mirrors the warmth of the Moroccan sun with its sunny and sunset-inspired colors. It’s an example of the perfect minimalistic website design aligned with the brand’s mission of offering women’s clothing from sustainable materials. It gives a seamless shopping experience (also on a mobile device), giving the target audience a sense of a high-quality brand.

Our UX expert insights:

  • Indication of the number of color variants of the product is clearly stated under the product images.
  • The “Pair with” section under the product description lets the customers easily fill in the total look of models. 
  • Express checkout with PayPal option that lets shoppers buy products without filling in billing and shipping details.
303 Avenue website - "pair with" section

#5 Shoepassion: Shopify store with the best men’s & women’s shoes

Shoepassion e-commerce store

source: Shoepassion

Another case of a well-designed Shopify store example with a minimalist vibe is Shoepassion. It’s very common for footwear Shopify stores to be cluttered with unnecessary elements, but this store cut off from this trend. Designed to make shopping easier for customers, the website has an easy-to-navigate interface and allows shoppers to view all the key information at a glance.

Our UX expert insights:

  • Heart icon to “Save your favorite items” feature that allows customers to save products they want later and have them on their wishlist.
  • Clear and visible estimated delivery time on product pages.
  • The most vital characteristics of the product are clearly described in the images.
  • High-quality product photography that shows every shoe detail from different angles.
Shoepassion website - product page

#6 Coco de Mer: luxury lingerie Shopify brand

Coco de Mer e-commerce store

source: Coco de Mer

The Coco de Mer website is a prime example of one of the best Shopify fashion stores. The user experience is exceptional, with a sleek and modern design that makes it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. As you explore the site, you’ll have no problem understanding its wide range of products, including accessories and intimate wear.

Our UX expert insights:

  • With different silhouettes, shoppers can shop without having to visit a physical store.
  • Each product has detailed descriptions and sizing recommendations.
  • “Also in the collection” and “You may also like” sections make choices easier.
  • Seamlessly working 24/7 chat lets you do quick actions, such as checking delivery status.
Coco de Mer website - chat pop-up

#7 Heinrich Dinkelacker: one of the Shopify store examples worth following

Heinrich Dinkelacker e-commerce store

source: Heinrich Dinkelacker

As a Shopify apparel store, Heinrich Dinkelacker prides itself on delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship with every purchase. The Shopify store sells some of the most sought-after men’s shoes, with a loyal customer base that will not be ashamed of the most popular Shopify stores.

Our UX expert insights:

  • Color variants are visible from the search results view.
  • The shopper can add the products to the favorites without the need to go to the exact product page.
  • Transparent checkout process, every stage described.
Heinrich Dinkelacker website - search view

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