Whether you are replatforming your e-commerce store or setting up a new one completely from scratch, you are probably thinking what you need to add to Shopify and how to personalize the store to fit your business needs. In this article, we are going to share how our agency works, and what you need to pay attention to when planning Shopify Development work.

We’ve learned a ton about Shopify Development during our daily work supporting and building Shopify shops. We are one of the biggest (and first) Polish Shopify agencies with a strong focus on Shopify and Shopify Plus stores development. Unlike most agencies, we take care of design and development of only one e-commerce platform – Shopify. We created dozens of Shopify store,s and we continue to work with them and helping them grow and expand their shop infrastructure.

Shopify Development – should you invest in it?

There’s a clear benefit of Shopify over similar platforms. Shopify allows merchants to start selling extremely quickly. All you need to do to set up a store is to create an account, choose a theme, upload a bunch of products, choose a payment and delivery method. You are able to start selling in less than 48 hours. We accomplished that for two of our Polish clients from the restaurant sector during the pandemic.

Nonetheless, as soon as your business starts growing, your e-commerce merchant’s needs grow as well. Updating the shop’s look and feel stops being enough. You want to add new subpages, maybe even landing pages, third-party integrations that would put much of your work on autopilot. Or, you need to fix customer journey or site performance. That’s where the agency steps in. It’s qualified,and experienced programmers can help you with Shopify Development.

Shopify development – how to grow an e-commerce site?

  • creating subpages from scratch – each Shopify theme has its own unique flow and form; a lot of Shopify users need a developer’s help to add new subpages and customize them to match your brand;
  • creating sections in your theme – to edit your Shopify theme, we use Theme Kit; we don’t recommend you to edit the theme live (in Shopify), it’s much safer to register changes in the repository and upload them once everything is done and tested;
  • app integrations – the Shopify App Store contains hundreds of apps which makes sales, marketing and store optimization way easier; do you need a popup, SEO guidance or product ratings in your store? Just download a relevant app.
  • third-party integrations – for example, do you need to add a payment system? If you target Polish customers, we released the official Shopify integration with Przelewy24;
  • writing plugins – if you cannot find a plugin in the Shopify App Store, you can write your own one, all you need is Shopify knowledge and experience; we’ve created a couple of solutions like that, so we are happy to assist you;
  • improving SEO – Shopify helps merchants with a basic SEO settings, for example, adding metadescriptions and metatitles; plus, themes and checkout are mobile-friendly, but with heavy competition, such activities are not enough, we can help you with technical SEO;
  • optimizing site performance – performance is one of the biggest sign that your store is a quality one; for a Shopify site to work without any issues, you need to optimize it for performance; it entails front-end work and code optimization;
  • Shopify store migration – in our very first articles we went deep into migrating from Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others to Shopify, a lot of e-commerce businesses takes this step, because Shopify allows them to enter new markets fast;
  • Shopify maintenance – despite the fact that a lot of Shopify updates are automatic, your shop may need an experienced developer’s assistance, especially if you have a big portfolio of products or you are synced with multiple plugins or integrations, either custom ones or ready-made. We can work with you in a maintenance mode.

What can you expect from Shopify Development?

We help Shopify shops all over the world. The majority of our customers are international shops. Our designers and developers devote themselves solely to Shopify. Because of that, we have a lot of experience with this platform. How do we cooperate with customers?

Ways to talk about a project

If it’s about the way we communicate with you, we can adjust to your means of communication, whether it would be discussing and updating you on the project via Slack, Basecamp, Trello, Jira (or the combination of all). We will stay in touch with you and message you consistently.

How to check for quality

We always test our solutions before we are confident that we can share that with you. So, don’t worry. Quality Assurance is a part of the Shopify Development process. As you, we care about the quality of what you are going to get.

What happens after the project is completed?

We would love to stay in touch with you and support you during the growth of your Shopify e-commerce store. Or, we stay in touch and help you with new endeavors. The store launch is far from the end of our cooperation. More on our way of working? See our about WeCanFly page.

Ask us about Shopify Development

If you’re selling a unique product or looking for a way to build a unique e-commerce solution, for example, size configurator, we would be happy to help. Adding new functionalities, developing custom applications, writing scripts, theme customization, we can help with all of that. Contact us in case of any questions. We are here for you.