Attire the Studio

Attire The Studio is the brainchild of an influencer, Xenia Adonts. It’s a conscious slow fashion brand that’s in line with “transparency, sustainability, ethical production” statements. After working hard at growing her Instagram following, Xenia chose Shopify to host her dream — create a brand that reflects her values.

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Warsaw Creatives asked us to cooperate with them on the development of Attire The Studio. They needed to implement an intriguing design on Shopify. From the very beginning, the brand was prepared to go global. It had an international reach because its founder and CEO has a great social media following. Facebook and Instagram shops were an obvious move, and with Shopify, they can be managed straight from the admin panel. What’s more, the target audience is accustomed to online shopping on mobile devices, which can be handled pretty well through Shopify.

Attire The Studio mobile


High-resolution photos, promotional videos, extensive clothes and production process descriptions are used constantly to attract environment-conscious clients. Our work for Attire The Studio was pure joy and the effects were astounding. The entire collection was sold out hours after the launch!

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