Berries&Co – as they write about themselves – is an auteur, handmade jewelry, the most crucial element of which are carefully selected precious stones. In its philosophy, the brand pays great attention to details that create personal stories of its recipients. It is these small, but extremely important moments and the most important memories that are retained in Berries&Co jewelry.

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Berries&Co website – desktop and mobile views

Our Client sells its products all over the world, and they are also proudly worn by the Muse of the brand, women who are uniquely inspired by the Berries creators themselves (you can learn more about their stories here). What sets them apart is their modern design, which they combine with traditional jewelry forms, their fresh perspective on the jewelry industry, and their proprietary product personalization systems.

Brand's challenge

The cooperation with Berries&Co started basically out of necessity. The Client approached us to migrate their store from the Presta platform to Shopify. During initial discussions, it turned out that the existing platform no longer met the needs and expectations of the brand, and due to image changes, the Client was also looking for new solutions in-store design, and technology support that would keep up with the growth of the entire company.

Our solution

During the migration of the site itself, we worked together with the Client in a highly methodical manner to properly map all the elements of the store and at the same time not lose search engine rankings. Here we relied on cooperation with an SEO agency, which guided us smoothly through the entire process. 


In addition to changing the technology to Shopify Advanced, our task was to provide a modern platform that would meet all the Client’s needs. In an industry such as fashion & jewelry, fresh design, custom solutions, and product focus are the keys to success, and this is what we set our sights on with the Client. 


In cooperation with an external design studio, STATEMENT STUDIO, a bespoke design was delivered that fit perfectly with the brand’s goals and philosophy. The scope of joint work included UX Design – the site itself and the configurators, as well as the UI phase. The whole project was completed with our custom solutions for the aforementioned Berries&Co. jewelry personalization systems.

The development team created two independent configurators that allow the user to fully personalize products. Both were written in JavaScript, but differ in form and the technology used.


The Secrets Necklace configurator is distinguished by its unique animations and realistic visualization of the stones that the client adds to her necklace. It’s a dynamically generated animation area (known as a canvas), in which each dropped stone is represented by an SVG vector and added to the area. The whole thing was created using the matter.js library.


The second configurator is the Viva Medallion creator. Here the solution was to create two independent places for graphics on the product photo, which can be added by the orderer thanks to a standard form. The photo is automatically set in the medallion, the configurator gives the possibility of editing, and from the order itself, the corresponding document for the store is automatically generated. 


In addition, we supported the Client in customizing the content featured on the site and conducted training on how to operate the store with the new technology for the team.


Currently, we continue to work with Berries&Co supporting the store in its expansion into foreign markets, and we maintain the store in cooperation with Shopify maintenance.

Common results

Thanks to the close cooperation between the Client himself, an external designer, and our specialists – a unique e-commerce store was created, which was perfectly tailored to the brand, responds to its technological needs, and grows with it. 


During the design work, we were in constant contact with the Client and created this platform together. Our specialists acted on the technological side, while Berries&Co owed, among other things, the entire content part, the delivery of high-quality graphic elements, valuable insights on the whole brand, and, above all, great commitment. 


How does Agnieszka Kalitowicz, Project Director of Berries&Co, recall the cooperation?


„Working on the new site was a big challenge for us, but at the same time – thanks to effective communication and quick reactions of the team – a pleasure.


One of our basic assumptions was to reflect in the best possible way the experience of our customers when they are shopping in-store. The creation of dedicated product wizards by WeCanFly enabled us to introduce personalization to the shopping experience. This helped us realize our goal and expand our offering.


When choosing jewelry, the smallest details play an important role – the new platform was intended to respond to the need for the best and most detailed presentation of the entire offer. The efficient cooperation of several teams made our new website modern, pleasant, and intuitive for users, as well as well-positioned. The first test – „Black Friday”, our store passed very well, and the commitment and full availability of the WeCanFly team during this time helped respond in a timely manner. We are optimistic about the future and are working together on more super-additions to the store”.


– Agnieszka Kalitowicz,

Project Director Berries&Co

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