Heinrich Dinkelacker

Heinrich Dinkelacker is the signage collection of the German brand Shoepassion. It offers handmade premium men’s footwear, and its history dates back to 1879. Our agency had the pleasure of helping them migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus.

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Heinrich Dinkelacker

The challenge

Shoepassion has decided to migrate the Heinrich Dinkelacker store from Magento to Shopify Plus. As with many other fast-growing brands, the existing technology could not keep up with the pace of change. Shopify Plus seemed like the obvious choice.

After a selection process of leading European agencies specializing in Shopify Plus, the project was assigned to WeCanFly. Our goal was a secure and seamless migration, improving site performance and optimizing key e-commerce metrics.

WeCanFly extended the competencies of the client’s internal team and took care of the transfer of “know-how” to the client.

Heinrich Dinkelacker case study


We started with a detailed technology workshop to identify the existing technology ecosystem the tools and solutions used, the opportunities, limitations and challenges we were facing.


Such analysis allowed us to develop the plan for the entire project and propose an appropriate solution architecture that would support the client’s business goals. 


Due to the planned sales in several markets, we proposed a structure based on several store-fronts, i.e. several instances of stores. This approach perfectly solves the issue of various languages and currencies, allows for greater flexibility and work on optimising conversions on each market.


The next step was integrating fiscal devices from physical stores into the ecosystem. It allows for implementing the pickup option (Manual Pickup) in physical stores as well as purchasing and redeeming gift cards in all sales channels.


We designed the visual layer of user interface in collaboration with the client’s team. While designing, we used the new template specification Shopify 2.0. It significantly expanded the customisation possibilities of the templates thanks to repeatable sections and so-called metafields.

Heinrich Dinkelacker - desktop

The next steps were: transferring a large amount of data from Magento, integrating Shopify with the new PIM (product information management) system and configuring automation using ActiveCampaign. 


What may look simple on the surface often carries a great deal of work hard to notice at first glance. The project for Heinrich Dinkelacker also has several interesting features:


1. Cross-selling mechanism managed by GTM

2. Adaptation and modification of the wish list/clipboard module 

3. Multi-unit sizes within one store

4. Preorders solution of the issue of assortment available on order, and integration of an external system for storing preorders

5. Sale of gift cards and the mechanism for their use in physical stores

6. Dedicated product filtering mechanism built on the new metafields capabilities

7. Linking separate products as colour versions

8. Implementation of an external system of product recommendations

9. Preparation of promotion scenarios based on Shopify Plus functionality Shopify Scripts 

Heinrich Dinkelacker - mobile


The project for Heinrich Dinkelacker was an interesting challenge. It is always a great pleasure working with a conscious and demanding client.

The indicators which increased after the migration included a significant reduction in page load time, increases in the mobile channel indicators and an overall increase in the conversion rate. The client’s team also felt the difference in system maintenance and daily operations.

Our teams are working together on future projects.

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