Oakywood is a family-owned furniture company with generations of carpentry traditions. The brand was born out of a love for wood and technology, and production from start to finish is carried out in Poland. Furniture and accessories are created by proprietary technologies that support ergonomics and comfort. The store offers original accessories and furniture, such as personalized desks that make it easier to organize the office and home.

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Brands challenge

The client approached us to upgrade the store from Shopify to Shopify Plus. The brand already had its site on Shopify, but as it grew, so did the need to refresh the platform, adding new functionalities and capabilities. The client wanted clear and modern solutions highlighting the brand’s philosophy and enhancing the user experience. Technology, personalization, and design were the main objectives. 


Initially, the plan was to create a store on one of the many available Shopify Plus templates. During the workshop work, however, it turned out that the needs of the client and the product itself were different and required custom solutions.

Our solution

We started our work with a design and development workshop. During the discovery workshop, we thoroughly researched the needs of the client and the product itself. Knowing that we were deciding on a custom solution to best showcase the product itself and the brand philosophy, we began the design process.


Following this lead, we proposed two versions of the homepage. From both versions, the client chose the most interesting solutions from which we created the whole thing. This project was unique in terms of design – it was not a team, but a dedicated designer who worked with the client, and together they created the final version of the site.


In cooperation with the Czech company Precismo, we created custom solutions based on 3D technology. The partner’s task was to create accurate 3D scans of all products. In this regard, we could count on the full commitment of the client. Oakywood sent each of its products to Precismo so that they could scan everything accurately. This procedure made it possible to create an even better experience for the user himself, who, without leaving his home, can see each product very carefully and up close Another step was the joint creation of an order customizer, based on Precismo’s technology, which further emphasized the product personalization so important to the user. We also implemented several interactive elements and many out-of-the-box solutions. 

In addition to the implemented solutions offered by Shopify Plus, we designed and created two innovative custom tools, tailored perfectly for the customer. The first is the OakyBlocks bundler, a solution in which the customer selects products labeled “Oakyblocks” for a package, and gets information about the lower price in the bundle in the shopping cart. 


The second important element is the configurator (the so-called product customizer) – also created with Precismo, in cooperation with our development team. It allows you to customize a piece of furniture for your own needs – to configure the product in an individual and detailed approach, thanks to the choice of dimensions, colors of individual elements, and textures. While choosing your ideal desk, you can change its dimensions on the fly, or see the texture of specific types of wood. Importantly, it allows you to view the product in augmented reality (AR) – exactly what you have configured.


Also important to highlight is the fact that if it weren’t for the involvement of the client itself, this project wouldn’t be so unique. It was Oakywood that sent all its products to Precismo so that they could scan them accurately, reflecting the form and texture of each piece of furniture.

Common results

As a result, we were able to release one of the most customized projects in WeCanFly’s history. It’s a fresh, out-of-the-box store with all the functionality the client wanted while upgrading to Shopify Plus. It’s worth noting that the high-quality product photography, the photo shoot of the entire Oakywood team, and the video content were prepared by the client specifically for this project. So in addition to the creation of the site itself, we also helped in the process of rebranding.

Scope of work

Design – in the area of navigation and menus, interactive elements, highlighting specific products;


UX/UI – pins pinned to photos showing a specific product and its description; 


Development – a fresh, customized site, where we managed to implement all planned functionalities.


Thanks to strong commitment on each side (us, the client, and the partner), the final project came out really promising.




Discovery workshop: Anastasia Solina, Rafał Kosioł, Wiktor Wiśniewski


Development: Kamil Patyk, Tomasz Sklepowicz


Design: Anna Adamiec, Cezary Ołowski


Project management: Sebastian Bezwiński

Client's comment

“The design of the new website for Oakywood was very demanding and WeCanFly was up to the task. We implemented several innovative solutions – such as a product configurator, price transparency, and the ability to present products in augmented reality, among others. The WeCanFly team was flexible and collaborative throughout the project.” – sums up Mateusz Haberny, Founder & CEO.

Project Manager's comment

“Oakywood is one of the most custom projects in WeCanFly’s history to date. Thanks to the great commitment of the team, the partner, and the client himself, we managed to create a unique service with unprecedented solutions. I’m glad to have been a part of this project!” – adds Sebastian Bezwinski, Project Manager.

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