Optisofa is a Polish furniture brand with more than 30 years of experience on the market. Many years of production, knowledge of craftsmanship, and technology have allowed the business to grow successfully. This is how they have evolved from a family business into a modern e-commercial, which sets a dynamic rhythm for the development of the Polish home&decor industry. Modern solutions, the latest design trends, and a pro-user approach are the strongest features of our Client.

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optisofa case study desktop views

Brand's challenge

Finding the right e-commerce solution for a modern brand


Optisofa approached us with the challenge of finding an e-commerce solution that suited their needs. They needed a modern, ultra-fast website that was as user-friendly as possible and would fit perfectly with the new brand communication. Products were to be shown as accurately as possible in the new shop. “A step towards modernity” – these words were by far the strongest accompanying words for Optisofa’s project. The next challenge was the migration of the previous shop. The platform had so far been running on Woocommerce, and after many long discussions, with the client, we decided to choose Shopify with headless technology.

Our solution

Holistic growth: custom design and going headless


We approached the client’s challenges holistically. The original shop mainly required a technology change and transfer to a more modern platform. We decided to choose Shopify Advanced with headless technology. This solution allows us to achieve a very high shop performance, which translates positively into the user experience when interacting with the website. We also performed the migration from Woocommerce technology to Shopify Headless


As the brand itself is on the cutting edge of modern trends, we also relied on fully customized shop design solutions. We designed dozens of unique views from scratch, which we consulted with the client on an ongoing basis so that it was fully consistent with his vision and the brand’s mission.


AR solutions – developing a 3D product configurator


The next tool we proposed to the client was the implementation of a 3D configurator, which allows the product to be placed in AR technology and therefore a real user space. This element was created and executed by Mimeeq – a 3D specialist we met thanks to the client. Our development team took care of the implementation of the tool, while the Mimeeq team made the configurator. Furniture models were also prepared, along with their textures and color variants. An ID number was assigned to each furniture variant, making it possible to change materials and textures freely on the same model. This innovative approach allows each furniture variant to be placed in any space. Take a look at what it could look like!

Common results

The result of the joint efforts of Mimeeq and WeCanFly is a modern and unique platform that allows the client to develop its business both in the Polish and international markets. Optisofa has evolved from a company with a family tradition into a modern brand that sets trends on its own, entering digitally strongly and decisively. The level of product display that can be seen in the Optisofa shop repeatedly breaks stereotypes and shows new possibilities in furniture sales. The project has achieved all its intended goals and the performance of the website has improved significantly. The visible leap has also resulted in a positive reception from the users themselves.



Anna Tołoczko – UX/UI Designer

Paweł Dymek – Headless Team Leader

Patryk Chudzik – Front-end Developer 

Janusz Badawika – Senior Back-end Developer

Lu Moc – Content Editor

Sebastian Bezwiński Project Manager


Project Manager's comment

“It was a great project! I’m very happy that we could work with a brand like Optisofa and be part of this step in its development. More language versions of the site have already appeared, which predicts that entering foreign markets is just around the corner. We can’t wait!”


– Sebastian Bezwiński, Project Manager

Client's comment

“We were looking for a partner who would fully understand our out-of-the-box needs. As we grew, it became clear that we needed not just a sales platform, but a modern, multi-functional service.


With the new e-commerce, we are able to not only visualize the product to the customer using AR but also provide a comprehensive sales and logistics service directly from Shopify. We have met all our objectives and streamlined the entire process, which ultimately benefits our client. 


The cooperation with WeCanFly was pleasant and professional, which is why we are not slowing down and are already implementing further projects.”


– Mateusz Kasprzak, Ecommerce Manager

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