Reckitt brings together well-known and well-liked brands of household chemicals, supplements, and hygiene products recognized worldwide. These are brands such as Durex, Finish, Strepsils, and Veet, so it’s not hard to see that their products accompany most of us in our daily activities. Reckitt operates internationally, and the scale itself is extensive, as we could see from the very beginning of our cooperation.

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Brand's challenge

The Client approached us around 2019 with a need for competence augmentation in their team. Team augmentation (maintenance) – because that’s what we’re talking about – is the prevailing form of our cooperation with Reckitt, which has lasted for more than 4 years. 


The main motivation for such inter-team cooperation was the growing e-commerce market, which grew steadily in 2019 and accelerated in 2020 due to the lockdown. High demand for e-commerce stores brought with it an almost immediate need to work with specialists such as developers, designers, and testers. Often in such emergencies, clients who do not have time to recruit, opt for team augmentation, so to speak, by “lending” experts in given fields to a specific project team. This solution can prove beneficial to each party, and most importantly, fast and effective. 


An additional challenge from the Client was the need to quickly start operations in Shopify for Reckitt stores. Changes in the company’s operations and a very strong opening to the consumer market – these factors, further reinforced by the pandemic, determined the continuation of our cooperation.

Our solution

The cooperation of our specialists in the Client’s teams gave particular value on short-term projects (2-6 months), and these were the main thrust of our work with Reckitt. 


Together we developed a system that allowed us to quickly introduce our specialists to the specifics of a given project. That’s why the beginnings of a project are especially important for us. This is when we get to know the team, as well as the very specifics of a given project. Together we analyze the plans for the store and the entire flow of the project so far, and most importantly – we look for places where we can support the Client with our skills. 


Thanks to this solution, it is possible to implement the project plans in the planned time. This way, the Client’s team is also augmented with the appropriate competence and all the changes can be implemented, often simultaneously in many foreign markets. An example of such a project was our work for Durex when we implemented 25 stores in 28 countries at one time (currently, as of August 2023, there are 7 stores of the brand in operation). 


The areas in which we have supported Reckitt are:

– activities for diversified international markets and retail, 

– customized solutions from region to region, 

– promotional activities in non-B2C markets, but also B2C sales activities, based on differentiated technologies and migrations – including Shopify and Umbraco CMS, 

– support of our teams in both technology and design divisions, business analytics, traffic analytics, conversion rate optimization (CRO), UX/UI, or content edition.

Common results

Thanks to this cooperation, we have had the opportunity to deploy Reckitt brands to countries all over the world, including in the case of large and rather rapid changes in markets. An excellent example of meeting such a task is the Durex brand, whose store was implemented in 28 countries – UK, Nordic countries, Middle Eastern countries, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Peru, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, France, Italy, Turkey, Mexico. Thanks to teamwork, it was possible to develop projects and implement the design very quickly, and then just as smoothly introduce them to international markets.


Over the years of cooperation, we have done more than 30 projects together with Reckitt, and a total of more than 20 WeCanFly and specialists were involved – over 10 developers, a team of designers, analysts, and content editors. It is worth mentioning that a total of more than a dozen developers went through the most extensive project. Brands we worked for include Durex, Finish, Lysol, Dettol, Gaviscon, Strepsils, Veet, Enfamil, and Nutramigen.


How does Kamil Frejlich, CEO of & Co-founder of WeCanFly,  sum up the cooperation so far?


Working with Reckitt is one of the longest projects in the history of and WeCanFly that I have had the opportunity to lead. My team and I have learned more than once that each brand presents completely different challenges and solutions. Despite the fact that we have been working for one Client for years, this collaboration is very diverse and developing for the whole company. I hope we will have even more such projects together!


For the past couple of years, I have been supervising some of the projects on the part of Reckitt Digital, which we did together with WeCanFly & The cooperation was smooth, and the dedicated specialists were well-prepared to carry out the assigned tasks. Thanks to their commitment, we were able to smoothly execute projects and complete teams.

The approach to projects was professional, we received valuable suggestions from’s experience and solutions that took into account the opinion of many internal stakeholders. The cooperation resulted in effective implementations, modern design, smaller and larger implementations for many brands that met our expectations in terms of quality. Over these several years, the terms and scope of our cooperation have changed, but the openness, flexibility, and commitment on the part of WeCanFly and have remained unchanged – something we value greatly on a daily basis”

adds Szymon Łopata, IT&D Senior Product Line Manager at Reckitt.

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