vetsak is one of the fastest-growing companies in the luxury furniture segment. They sell their unique sofas all over Europe. Shopify Plus is an ideal platform to keep up with their growth rate.

We worked closely with another agency on this project – Vazco which develops apps and products. They invited us to participate in their work for vetsak. Vazco built a 3D furniture configurator for vetsak and we were responsible for opening their store in multiple regions.

  • Expansion into new markets
  • Shopify Development
  • Shopify UX/UI Design
  • M-commerce
  • Shopify Store Migration
  • Shopify Custom Apps
  • Shopify Integrations

  • Shopify Plus
  • React
Vetsak case study


Our team consisted of a UX/UI designer, two Shopify developers, a content editor, and a project manager. We started our work with UX/UI designs aimed at increasing conversions. The key area we focused on the most was the product card and 3D configurator design. Taking into account the analytics of traffic generated on the site, we focused on optimizing the user path in the mobile channel. Another solution that significantly improved conversions in this channel was the launch of so-called express checkout – fast payments by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.


One of the challenges that brands selling in multiple markets often face is the strategic decision of how to organize the sales architecture across several languages and currencies. A common mistake is the decision to try to handle all markets, languages, and currencies in a single instance of the store. The solution we implemented is based on the use of several connected sites – each marketplace runs on a separate subdomain. This approach has many advantages: it allows you to offer users their favorite payment and delivery methods, conduct other marketing activities per market and better measure their effectiveness, and enable better analytics – popular products, behavior, checkout effectiveness.


The website launch procedure is usually the most stressful moment in the entire replatforming process. To ensure peace of mind, control, and certainty at this stage, we use checklists/test procedures developed over the years. In addition, for several weeks after the launch, our team provided the client with hyper-care – a quick response to any problems that may have arisen. Thanks to this approach, the migration to Shopify Plus went smoothly and seamlessly.

case study - vetsak


Shopify was a perfect choice for vetsak. The migration to Shopify Plus exceeded the client’s expectations and, frankly, our predictions. 


Conversions in the store increased by about 100%. The team finds it easy to manage the store and introduce any changes. The site can host quality photos and videos that make user want to explore it more. But the most exciting part of that project was configuring multi-storefront architecture and creating for several markets with different payment options for each of them. Shopify Plus is a great support for these types of setups and projects. 


The implementation for vetsak is a perfect example of how modern technology and thoughtful design make a big difference in e-commerce.

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