Selling shoes online with Shopify is a great way to get started in e-commerce and grow your ‘foot’ traffic. It’s the easiest way, too. Giving shoppers an easy-to-navigate store that presents clear product information and makes purchasing a breeze will reap the rewards.

But where do you start if you’re new to setting up successful Shopify stores? You can feel overwhelmed just thinking about it – we know.

That is why we compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to sell shoes online with Shopify.

So roll up your sleeves because our guide is loading!

Why sell shoes online?

In 2023, global footwear industry revenues are expected to reach $140.3 billion which means an increase of 19.6% from last year. (Statista)

It leaves no room for illusion. Online or offline, selling shoes can be a great business venture.

Still, there’s one more thing to add – 74% of all shoe sale spending occurs online. (PowerReviews)

It’s no surprise then that more and more entrepreneurs turn to the world of e-commerce to get a piece of this lucrative pie.

Reason 1: By selling online, you can reach a much larger audience than if you were selling them just from your store. 

Reason 2: Customers love being able to browse through a wider selection of products from the comfort of their homes.

Reason 3: You can customize the experience for each individual buyer with tailored product recommendations (and get more sales in return!).

Common mistakes when starting an online shoe business

It’s easy to get thrown in the deep end and start an online shoe store right away. But, there are many traps that are waiting along the way. 

⚠️ Lack of overall marketing strategy

Not having a clear path of action is one of the biggest mistakes. To avoid missing any important steps, create a plan that outlines what you need to do and how you will do it. Don’t forget to define your target audience first.

⚠️ Inconsistent customer service

If you want to keep customers coming back, it’s vital to provide a great customer experience. Consistent and efficient service shows a professional approach – no matter what the inquiry is about. 

⚠️ Failure to use marketing automation tools

From email campaigns to personalized product recommendations, automation can help you create a seamless experience for your customers while saving time in the backend.

⚠️ Overly complicated purchase process

Realistically, you won’t make any sales unless the purchase process is simple and straightforward. Keep the checkout process as short as possible (including guest checkout) while still providing all the necessary information and payment options. 

⚠️ Low-quality product photos

Product images are the cornerstone of any successful online store. Without them, customers don’t have a way to preview your products. Invest in professional photography and use quality images with product descriptions that accurately represent your shoes.

⚠️ Poor navigation

Online stores that are unfriendly to mobile users and difficult to navigate – does it sound familiar? Ensure that your store is intuitive and easy to browse for a range of products, plus looks great on any device.

⚠️ The absence of transparency

No business contact information or transparency in pricing products can permanently drive away potential buyers. The lack of social proof and an about us page can also lead to some difficulties in building trust.

How to start an online shoe store

Actually, there are two ways to start your online business. None of them is perfect, but both can be a successful way to sell shoes online.

Building a website from scratch

This option requires more money, no doubt. You will need to create your own website, set up a shipping and returns process, and find a payment gateway that works with your business model. Without experienced developers, it may fail. What about the pros? It’ll take longer to set everything up but you’ll have more control over its style and how it works.

Ready e-commerce solutions

Using platforms like Shopify is a quick and easy way to set up your own, smoothly working fashion online store. It will take care of everything – from managing products to processing payments and shipping orders. It also has options for customizing your site and some built-in marketing tools to help get the word out about your new business.

shopify website


Have you already chosen WordPress? With our help, you can convert WordPress to Shopify. We, as a Shopify Plus agency, can carry out your data migration process so that everything will go smoothly.

And it’s just the beginning of why choosing a ready-made solution might be the more rational choice whether you want to sell shoes, clothing, or accessories.

Benefits of Shopify e-commerce platform for developing your shoe store

The advantages of Shopify and its superiority over other similar solutions could go on and on. Here’s the gist:

E-commerce security

Shopify puts security first. It operates a safe, PCI-compliant payment system for transactions. It also takes care of Shopify site maintenance. Your customers can purchase from you with confidence, and without having to worry about their data security.


A deal-breaker for first-time entrepreneurs. Shopify integrates with a range of vendors, such as Amazon and AliExpress. This allows you to source your products without having to worry about stocking up or dealing with logistics.

Beautiful themes

The Shopify UX designers did a great job – it provides a wide range of modern themes for any online store and brand. And with the best Shopify theme editor, you can customize every minor detail without needing to hire an expert. Plus, you don’t have to worry about various devices – Shopify automatically makes your own store mobile friendly.


Unlock the full potential of Shopify by taking advantage of WeCanFly’s custom theme development services. Our experienced Shopify theme developers can help create a unique site, tailor-made to fit your brand’s identity and capture that perfect aesthetic you envision – without any hidden headaches or time demands on your part.

Built-in marketing tools

The Shopify platform comes with one more thing – advertising tools. You can create discount codes, or set up loyalty programs. It also offers integrations with SEO tools and customer service solutions, such as Zendesk. A powerful e-commerce toolkit on hand.

Must-have features of Shopify shoe sites for good UX

Are you in? So here’s where the game begins. For the best user experience, shoe sites built on Shopify must have a few key features. If you want to make your site smashing, keep them in mind.

Payment gateway

Nothing can be more disappointing for an e-commerce seller than witnessing a customer turn away from the checkout process after coming so close to making a purchase. Giving your customer multiple payment options should top your list. Stick to the most popular options here – it’s not the place to introduce your customer to something they’re not comfortable with.

Shopify Apps

Providing customers with constant access to customer service can really enhance their shopping experience. The thing that can improve their interactions with your brand is artificial intelligence (AI). By using Shopify plugins development, such as chatbots or auto-reminders, you can extend your shop’s functionality.

shopify app store


Site search

Shopify shoe store should be covered with all basic necessities like a search bar, product filters, and sort options – all necessary components of making your online shop UX great. Well-designed website search gives your customers fast access to all product detail, without any frustrations. Taking the time to think it through is well worth the effort.

Cross-browser testing

It’s a vital feature if you want to deliver the optimal user experience (and for sure you do). This type of testing gives you a 360-degree view of providing a consistent experience no matter which browser your potential customers are using.

Rating display

It’s the feature that works as testimonials and lets your customers make an informed purchase decision based on positive feedback. It allows them to read what other shoppers have said about the sneakers they’re interested in. That’s why it’s so important – it can be the make or break of a shopping choice (after all they can’t touch or feel the product while purchasing online).

Video content

Last but not least – product videos, including video instructions, can make your shop stand out from the crowd. User-generated content and video reviews can have an impact on the conversion and overall user experience. Ultimately, what is a better way to dream about a product than to watch a demonstration video?

5 tips on how to sell shoes on Shopify store successfully

The story of creating the perfect Shopify shoe store doesn’t end with UX. There are some more things to come.

Optimize for search engine visibility

Without a strong presence among your competitors, you won’t be able to have a successful online store. Include relevant keywords on the product detail page, use meta tags, and have a well-structured content hierarchy.

Update your website regularly

Update content, images, and other media on a regular basis to keep customers interested in what’s new. Also, it’s crucial to update all stock information so that customers can purchase with ease. You must keep your website spinning all the time to maintain customer loyalty.

Develop a pre-launch promotion strategy

Creating a marketing plan before launching your own online store can help you hit the ground running when the website goes live. Use social media and other channels to build anticipation for your launch date.

Integrate sales channels

If your Shopify store is just an extension of your customers’ in-person shopping (or your eBay or Facebook sale), integrate both channels seamlessly. Cohesive cross-channel customer experience is the thing that people are looking for in brands nowadays. It can also give an additional boost to your company on top of what you are doing in your Shopify store. 

Measure and optimize performance

Even if everything goes according to plan, keep track of key metrics such as sales, website traffic, and average order value to understand what is and isn’t working with your store. Take this data into account when making changes to your own store, like adjusting inventory levels or product prices.

Put your shoes on

Overall, shopping online on Shopify offers a great user experience and a large portion of opportunities when you follow the best practices.

Taking the time to ensure that all customer touchpoints are taken care of – from navigation to seamless online shopping – can make all the difference in creating an enjoyable purchase experience for your customers. 

Having trouble selling? Need help developing a Shopify shoe store? WeCanFly gives you support along the way. With us, it’s just as simple as… shoe tying.