Shopify is trusted by more than 2 million companies around the globe. But when it comes to Poland, the number of shops is relatively low. For a long time, there weren’t any good integrations with the Polish Payment system, so people opted for Shopify alternatives. Now we have reliable syncs with many payment gateways. Let’s look at the options.

The only time Polish people chose Shopify was when they were targeting Western Europe or the US. If they wanted to sell goods in Poland, they opted for a Polish Shopify alternative, as they couldn’t get a payment integration that would be acceptable for Polish consumers. In contrast to the German or other western country markets, where the majority of e-commerce payments happen through PayPal, a Polish user prefers Polish Payment gateways, such as Przelewy24, PayLane, Tpay or eCard.

payment providers logos

Polish Shopify wannabe users requested integrations with their local online payment providers, times and times again. The answers were always the same:

  • there are no Polish integrations because there aren’t enough Polish users 🙂
  • we have it on our minds, but we don’t know when it happens.

You can also check out the episode of our podcast where we talk about the cost of running a Shopify store in Poland.

Shopify Payments in Poland – how to integrate?

With time the right integrations were popping up on the market, and we could integrate Blik, money transfer or pay with a credit card. Our Shopify agency also built a couple of Shopify solutions, for example, an integration with Przelewy24, a recognized payment system in Poland.

Shopify’s integration with Przelewy24

Let’s start with a solution that seems to be the best suited right now. When we migrated one of the global e-commerce stores to Shopify, we came up with our very own payment integration, namely Przelewy24. It’s one of the biggest payment gateways in Poland. It’s recognized by 87% of consumers, and 84% of those who use it rate it positively.

Przelewy24 provides the following payment methods:

  • payments from the majority of banks on the Polish market
  • Blik
  • installment payments – eRaty
  • deferred payments – PayPo
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Shopify Poland ePłatności Online (former PayLane)

ePłatności is a well-known online payment’s provider in Poland. Established in Gdańsk, the company was the first one to implement Apple Pay. Polish users can pay in Shopify shops that sync with ePłatności in a following way.

  • transfers from the most important banks in Poland, for example, mBank (mTransfer), Bank Pekao, BPH, Alior, BZ WBK, ING, Inteligo, Getin Bank, Crédit Agricole, Millenium, Deutsche Bank, IdeaBank
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Sofort Banking
  • credit cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro
  • … and much more

This integration is definitely the easiest to install. And it’s available from the Shopify admin panel. All you need to do is to set up two things that you can easily find in a merchant panel at ePłatności.‍

PayLane - payment methods

Przelewy 24 Shopify integration via Mollie

You can also integrate Przelewy 24 via Mollie. You can find it through Shopify’s admin panel. Just go to Payments > Alternative payment providers.

Przelewy24 Shopify integration via Mollie

You need to set up an account at two platforms: Przelewy24 and Mollie.

Mollie is a leading payment gateway aggragator which helps you get payments from all around Europe, using payment providers, such as Klarna, Giropay, Sofort, and Przelewy24.

After you set up an account at Mollie, you need to make a money transfer for a couple of cents, just to verify your account. In some cases, the merchants are asked to translate the document that would confirm your firm’s identity.

Then, add a Shopify site In the Websites section and turn on Przelewy24. We’re almost done.

setting up Przelewy24 Shopify integration via Mollie

The last thing we need to do is copy merchant ID (ltop left corner on your screen) and API KEY to paste it into Shopify (see the screenshot).‍

Przelewy24 Shopify integration via Mollie - setup process
Przelewy24 Shopify integration (via Mollie)

Which Shopify Payment to choose in Poland?

Without a doubt, Polish ePłatności has two advantage – the ease of set up and low fees. But when considering your options, think about your customer and choose a method that they are likely to trust. In effect, you can minimize the risk of cart abandonment because of a strange payment method that they don’t trust. So, we recommend you Przelewy24.