Glov is a Polish brand that creates innovative beauty products. It has stolen the hearts of women from more than 60 countries, and it looks like it will not stop there.

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Glov project by WeCanFly agency

Brand's challenge

Glov store previously operated on the WooCommerce platform. The issues, that the client put up with were typical for this platform – performance and speed issues as well as problematic user experience. Shopify is a natural choice for many brands in the Beauty & Cosmetics sector.


Another problem we faced was the appropriate information architecture and categorising products in a way that’s more readable for female customers.


The brand has created products that delight customers – presenting the potential and appeal of a product is a critical area of any e-commerce. This was also the case with Glov. The product card and the entire website were enhanced with sections and relevant content showcasing the product. Sections on the product page tell a story and convey a great deal of information about usage, qualities and benefits.

The flagship products have several variants – colours, packaging, and multi-packs. We aimed to clearly show these options on one page. Previously, the variants were broken down – each colour or pack was a separate item, so users didn’t know what range of products they might choose from.


Glov wanted to harness the commitment of its customers and show their dedication to the brand. Hence, there is a feedback section on the site and an Instagram plugin with photos dragged from the platform according to specific hashtags.


Cosmetics are perfect for subscription sales. The subscription is available for the selected products, and it delivers the most frequently ordered items on a cyclical basis (1, 3, 6 months). The user can manage the subscription within their account, change address, date or cancel it completely.


The marketing campaigns – the system had to handle promotions and offers like 3+1, 2+1, 1+1, cross-selling and upselling. We used Shopify’s native solutions and additional applications to make managing sales and offers easier. We also implemented extra information fields for users to remind them of promotional rules. Thanks to these options, conducting marketing activities is simple for the administrator.

Our solution

Subscriptions were implemented using the Bold Subscription application (if you are interested in selling in this model, be sure to take a look at our e-book about subscriptions on Shopify).


An important piece of the technological puzzle was data exchange between Shopify and the Enova ERP system – functionality was achieved using the Baselinker application.


Marketing automation, upselling and promotional functions, and user-generated content were implemented using Growave and Zipify applications.

Common results

Migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify proved to be a good move for Glov. The brand has gained a reliable tool that helps it scale and grows with the brand. The modern, lightweight design that reflects the brand’s character and the use of video and subscriptions translate into a positive experience for fans of the brand, giving them one more reason to love Glov.

Looking for Shopify Development?

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