The story of the company’s creation is as unique as its products, because as the founders themselves say – creating Monolith is their personal return to their roots. The brand’s philosophy focuses on respecting nature as much as possible, so they are made from solid, natural wood. By combining this raw material with epoxy resin, the creators maintain the natural form of the tree additionally gaining a unique, modern character for each of the tables. The brand sells its products in Switzerland and has a showroom in Zurich where you can see and touch each product.

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Monolith website

Brand's challenge

The Client came to us with a specific goal and objective. A completely new store was needed that would meet the expectations of the users, as well as the brand creators themselves. 


Before our cooperation, Monolith operated through an image site that was not tailored to their needs and the buying process, and most importantly was not e-commerce itself. The existing form did not provide users interested in buying the information they needed, making the buying process much longer. There was a lack of proper presentation of the product, which (as we know) delights many fans of modern design with its uniqueness.

Our solution

We started our cooperation with a joint discovery workshop, which helped us learn about the Client’s needs and motivations, his conundrums and doubts, as well as the product itself. An analysis of the competition and the realities of e-commerce in German-speaking countries was performed, as these were the markets the Client wanted to focus on. We examined their current state and compared the Client’s activities to the competition in German markets.


Proposals for three templates for the new Monolith store were also presented. Ultimately, together with the Client, we decided on the Reformation Theme template in Shopify Basic technology, due to its flexibility in customization, the possibility of differentiated presentation of products, and the inclusion of a video slideshow option. The cooperation continued with the design part, during which a dedicated team of designers and developers worked on developing solutions. 


In addition to the customized store template itself, we created a unique product catalog. This filter-based solution allows site users to search for the perfect table for themselves. Enriched with appropriate icons, categories, and groups of features, the tool helps the Client reach the dream version of the table. At this stage, the presence of a front-end developer in the project was a great support. The filters available in the catalog were transformed to become a tool for finding the perfect table. They were also enhanced with icons and tooltips that quickly and in real-time explain to the user the details of a given item, such as the transparency of the resin or the type of a given tabletop. This case also shows that using filters alone in e-commerce is an often overlooked and underestimated solution that, in its simplicity, gives great results. 

Common results

The team’s cooperation with the Client resulted in a modern e-commerce site that not only accurately presents the brand’s products, but also supports the store and its sales technologically. Applied solutions including high-quality video, photos, animations, and interactive elements further distinguish the site from the competition. Additional solutions such as chat to support online sales, or the ability to conduct a conversation via WhatsApp messenger, further increase the conversion rate. We can also confidently say that the initial assumptions of the project were more than met, thanks to excellent cooperation from the Monolith team.

Client's comment

„From the very beginning, I associated cooperation with WeCanFly with one word – professionalism. At every stage, I had the impression that the company simply took care of our needs in the best possible way. Problems were solved quickly – both the creative and technical side of the team did their tasks in an exemplary manner. All the time I had the impression that I was very well understood.



The result was a website that exceeded our expectations. What’s more, despite a long list of template customizations, the whole intention was accomplished within the planned budget. Within a short time after the launch of the site, we noticed sales results several times exceeding our previous results, and our customers expressed admiration for the website itself in addition to their interest in the products!” – says Wiktor Daraż, Owner of Monolith.



„From the very beginning, when we conducted the workshop, there was a lot of commitment and ingenuity on the part of the Client. This is a very important element in any project, it was this approach and partnership that contributed to the great success of the project” – concludes Lyubov Moc, WeCanFly Project Manager.



Lyubov Moc – Project Manager
Aleksandra Drozd – UX/UI Designer
Sebastian Binko – Shopify Developer
Mateusz Kąpała – Junior Headless Developer

Monolith table

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