How much is Shopify Plus?

Let’s start with the basics. Shopify Plus is expensive, so it’s rarely a good choice to use it in order to validate a business idea or start in e-commerce. Choose one of the less expensive plans for that.

Yet, if you know what you sign up for, here’s what you need to know about Shopify Plus pricing. The price for it, unlike the other pricing plans, is set up individually. Thus, you may expect the price to be high. But… if the price is matched to your needs, it gives you a pretty great deal of leeway for negotiation. You can hope for attractive discounts or an extended trial period for testing the solution. That’s great, huh?

The starting price for Shopify Plus is 2500$ per month (2300$ on a 3-year contract).

You may think it’s a lot, yet if you run a store on an Open Source platform like Magento, you realize that the costs of that can be much, much higher than that above.

Okay, so what can you get with Shopify Plus development? We selected 8 benefits of Shopify Plus. Here they are.

1. Adjusting the Shopify checkout to your needs

If you were to visit a Shopify store, you would notice that the checkout always looks the same. The only difference is in font or colors. Nothing else. Well, that is a well-played, conscious decision on Shopify part. A non-editable checkout ensures safety, maximized conversions, and great UX, no matter the shop.

Shopify Plus allows you to adjust checkout and change it to your liking. Why would you do that? For starters, that way you can simplify the checkout experience to a single screen, and add additional fields to the form to collect more information. What’s more, you can make it fit your brand more or modify it to give you more analytical data.

2. Nine additional shops for other regions

Shopify Plus makes it easy to expand your reach to other regions. You have as much as 9 additional shops that you can use to target other regions. Why should you open a separate shops for other regions?

E-commerce sites need to be adjusted to the region they operate in. You will need to take care of those things before launching the store and expanding your reach.

  • offer payments in the local currency
  • adjust content and marketing campaigns
  • offer local delivery systems
  • set up new tax rates
  • add functionalities and legal information

It may happen that a chunk of your offering isn’t available for sale in a given region. In such a situation, multi-storefront functionality is a nice option you can use.

What’s more, an additional shop to use is great for testing new functionalities. Or it can be used for a different customer segment, for example, B2B or warehouse.

The most important thing is that you can administer all those shops from one place and access advanced analytics you wouldn’t be able to get any other way. What a comfort.

3. Multicurrency with Shopify Plus

Faced with an option, you’re almost certain to choose your local currency to pay online. If you reside in Poland (so are we), you want to use your Polish currency. That’s a train of thought of the majority of your site’s visitors. They want to pay in a local currency.

How does it work in Shopify Plus? Shopify Payment shows your customer’s prices in their local currency and allows them to pay in it. The price depends on the current rate, but it adjusts itself automatically. You can’t set up prices separately for every currency, but you can make the price round.

What’s the difference between multicurrency and multi storefronts? You don’t have to manage another store when it comes to multicurrency. One store manages the price transfers.

4. Care & support of Shopify experts

As a Shopify Plus merchant, you can count on the strategic and technical support of Shopify experts. Changing platforms to Shopify? Not a problem. Designing a shop? Can be done. Issues with Shopify development? Consider done.

Each Shopify Plus store owner has their assigned Shopify developers who help them succeed. That’s most what the Merchant Success Program is all about.

Additionally, Shopify has the biggest knowledge hub out there. It’s ready to share tips and tricks on the nuances of technology, marketing and sales strategy and tactics, etc.

Plus, you get a free app for migrating data while switching from your old platform – Transporter.

5. Wholesale made easy with Shopify Plus

What if you can get a password-protected module to use for wholesaling? That’s what this functionality is about.

You can set up a password and grant access to your wholesale customers. Upon entering it, they would see lower prices for bulk purchases, promo offers for collections or every product on site. But that’s not all. You can also set up different prices for different customer segments. Or prices may vary based on product quantity.

How does it work? Send your wholesale customer an invitation, so they can register and complete their order. You can see it in the admin panel. At that point, you can make an invoice and send it to be fulfilled before shipment.

6. Shopify Scripts

Shopify’s scripts are small code fragments for editing a shopping cart or checkout page. Those are available solely for the highest plan – Shopify Plus. You can use them, for instance, to boost the average cart value.

But you can also use them to optimize conversions, simplify checkout, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

7. Shopify Flow

How about making the most repetitive tasks automatic? That is Shopify Flow’s job. What is it about? Some examples

  • tag every client whose spending surpassed X amount – you can monitor their behavior or grant special discounts
  • tag clients who return products most often – you can use this information to talk with them about why they weren’t satisfied with the purchase
  • automatically add products to collections
  • identify orders that require special attention because of their volume, fragility, etc.
  • order products from the warehouse when running low

After running a store for a while, you can pretty much tell which area needs automation.

8. Launchpad

Another tool for automating tasks in Shopify Plus is Launchpad. Imagine that you’re about to start a new product line or seasonal sale. Launchpad is made for this.

You can modify your site’s appearance – opening image, descriptions, or any other content that needs to fit the marketing campaign. Or, it can launch new products in Shopify and other sales channels, adjust prices, and turn off the campaign once it finishes.

Ready to start with Shopify Plus?

We introduced you to the 8 most important Shopify Plus features. Now, you know what to expect from the highest Shopify plan. If you need any help with the set-up, migration, integration work, our Shopify agency is here for you. We’re a team of dedicated specialists who have a wide range of experience with online shop design and development. We’re one of the top firms at Design Rush. Similarly, you can read reviews of working with us on Clutch.