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Upgrading from Shopify Checkout Liquid to Checkout Extensibility for non-developers

On 14 August 2023, support for Shopify Scripts and Shopify Checkout Liquid, the developer tools that have allowed Shopify Plus merchants to modify Shopify checkout logic,…

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Shopify Development Headless E-commerce

Shopify Hydrogen framework and Oxygen hosting – what you need to know before jumping in

Have you recently felt like you hit the ceiling when it comes to what your current store design can offer? For example, you wanted to add new features…

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The most exciting new features in Shopify and Shopify Plus in 2023

Staying ahead of the game is crucial for e-commerce businesses striving to achieve success. As one of the leading platforms empowering online merchants, Shopify has consistently proven…

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Shopify Development Headless E-commerce

10 Examples of Ecommerce Brands Using Headless Shopify Store

It’s safe to say that headless Shopify stores are not just a trend, it’s a true technological revolution, worth all the hype. With this technology, brands…

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Intro to Shopify API: What do you need to know about integrating Shopify with other apps?

As a Shopify merchant, you are probably considering which apps you should connect with Shopify to streamline your business operations and maximize sales. Some apps, which check one of those…

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Fashion brands on Shopify? See the best themes, apps and features for a fashion store

Whether you’re just launching your first store or moving to Shopify from another e-commerce solution, you are probably wondering how to…

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What is Shopify’s Liquid and where can you learn about it?

Shopify’s theme choice is more than enough to get you settled with a beautiful and easy-to-scale store design. Yet, if you want to build a…

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Shopify Development Headless E-commerce

How can we help you with Shopify Development at WeCanFly?

Whether you are replatforming your e-commerce store or setting up a new one completely from scratch, you are probably thinking what you need to add to Shopify and…