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Discover insights that grow your ecommerce


It’s hard to plan something out if we’re not sure about the direction we’re going in. We have tried and tested processes that help you get insights into your customers and competition to get you the results you want.

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WeCanFly - shopify custom development services

Great sales comes from insights

Shopify is a great platform for selling products, but you need to have a great plan for designing your store. We will help you come up with the right strategy. Our specialists will work with you to find out the requirements for your store.

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Figure out your Shopify store requirements

Shopify is one of the most flexible out of all ready-made ecommerce solutions. We can help you prioritize your store’s features, choose the best theme for your store, and discover your brand’s strengths.


Get a plan that appeals to your customers

With so much experience that we gained during our work for digital brands, we came up with reliable methods of discovering what your customers want from your store and how to translate it into the design.


Fuel your business growth

You will get some space to really think about your business and what makes you different from your competition. You will walk out of the meeting with a thorough action plan. We have your best interest in mind.

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This type of deep work usually happens during a discovery workshop. We will facilitate the workshop for you and get back to you with a detailed action plan. It’s a common service for those of you who start ecommerce or have one that needs a makeover.



A bespoke Shopify design, development and third-party integration syncs for beautiful, eco-friendly products for children and their parents.